Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Taking Care of Your Mattress

You might have noticed I mentioned buying a new bed last August. When I moved to this flat, there was a single bed, with a spring matress that I found extremely uncomfotable. When I decided to stay another year I also decided to buy a new bed.

I wanted something I'd use for quite some time so I picked a double bed instead of a single. With the new mattress I also bought a new frame for it. However, I was told that that particular frame wasn't appropriate for my mattress because it needed to breathe. The saleswoman also told me that it wasn't that important so long as I flipped the mattress regularly.

So I've pinned a piece of fabric with the January, April, July and October to each of the handles to know when to flip it. First, from top to toe, then from side to side, every 3 months. This also lets it wear evenly. For example, I sleep on the same side of bed so to prevent that side from getting worn before the other, flipping a mattress is a good approach.


Protect your mattress from stains and moisture with a mattress protector. You can use a chenille pad or a quilted pad, your choice. Avoid getting the mattress wet because the materials inside could compress.


Every so often, strip your bed completely to let it breathe. You can do this when you flip your mattress or when you go on vacation. Try to always strip the bed when you go on holiday.


Don't wear out your mattress too soon by sitting on the edge or letting your children jump on the bed.

What type of mattress do you prefer: springs or latex? How do you take care of it? If you have some more mattress care tips I'd love to hear them! Please share in the comments below!!

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