Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Gift List

Here's the third FREE printable in the Christmas Notebook series. This is a pretty simple printable that will hopefully make gift giving a lot easier.

Download FREE here

1. Write down the names of everyone you want to give a gift to in the first column.

2. Fill in the second column with some ideas of what to get them.

3. Decide on a budget for each gift.

4. Check it off the list once it's bought.

This way you can stay on track and see what you have already and what's left to buy. Writing down the money you'd like to spend on each gift also stops you from overspending or buying too much for a certain person in particular.

I hope you find this printable useful. All these printables are also available (or will be soon) on the Printables tab. 

Don't forget to stop by again soon for more FREE Christmas printables!

Did you find this printables useful? How is your Christmas planning going? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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