Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Menu Plan

I think the best part of the holidays is getting all the family around the table to share a delicious meal. But let's be honest, this really isn't easy peasy kind of stuff. It needs work and careful planning, if you don't want to see yourself juggling 5 different saucepans 10 minutes before the guests arrive.

So today I have a new printable for our Christmas Notebook, a menu plan to stay organized and throw a kiss-ass dinner (without dropping dead at the end of it).

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At the top of the page there's a space you can fill in with your guest list. How many of you are there? It's not the same to plan a dinner for 4 as for 10. If it's a small gathering, you might not need a lot of food. If you're entertaining a large group, perhaps you'd like to consider preparing some of the food the day before.

Once you've estabilished how many are coming to dinner, it's time to decide the menu. Finger food or starters? Or both? Ham or turkey? Chocolate cake or chocolate mousse? If you're lucky enough to have a few helping hands at home, assign each part of the meal to someone and take the load off your shoulders. Remember you want to enjoy the party and not feel stressed or worn out. 

A small tip is to jot down where the recipe is for each course. If it's in a cookbook or a magazine, write the title and the page at the bottom of the slot. If it's a website, save it on your computer and jot it down on the printable too, so you know where to look. This will save time when you're making a shopping list or getting you're hands dirty in the kitchen.

Here's an example of what it would look like once you've filled it in:

Need some ideas for Christmas food? For me Pinterest is always the key (you can check out my Christmas and Food boards here). Here are some of my favourites: 


So what are you cooking for Christmas? 

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