Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Storage Inventory

I don't know what it is about unpacking Christmas storage boxes that gets me so giddy. I think I just get really excited knowing Christmas is almost here. But putting things back in their boxes is just as important as taking things out. 

Today I'm here to share the first FREE printable for this year's new Christmas Notebook: a Christmas Storage Inventory. 

I'll probably use this printable last, when I put the decorations away after the holidays are over, but it's the first printable I'd like to find when I open my binder (behind my December calendar). This printable is a simple list of all the storage boxes that hold Christmas decorations and what each box contains. 

Let's see how to use the printable. Say you have 5 boxes. Number each box with a permanent marker or a cute label. Next, fill the box with your holiday decorations and write down each item that goes in. For example, box number one may have red baubles, red tinsel, and stockings, so you'd write "1" in the BOX column and "red baubles, red tinsel and stockings" in the CONTENTS column. Kinda simple, right? 

This printable could be really helpful if you have different coloured decorations and only want to display certain colours each year. Knowing what is in each box will make sure you don't open all of them and waste precious time rummaging through things you don't need. 

Download FREE here

Did you find this printable helpful? Have you started decorating things at home? What colours are you using this year? Please share in the comments below!!


  1. This is actually a great idea, i never would have thought of it and i have loads of different decoration. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I actually thought of this because of my dad, he has LOADS of boxes filled with blue, gree, red, gold, white... decorations. I thought this could help him keep things organized. Hope you find it helpful! Thanks for sharing!

      Sam xx


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