Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY Portable Gift Wrapping Station

Happy Wednesday!! How's your week going? I know I'm impatient for classes to end so I can head to my dad's house for the holidays! 

Today I'm here to share with you a little project I've completed. It's quite useful now that Christmas is on it's way and I have a load of presents to wrap. Behold the Portable Gift Wrapping Station. DIY, of course. 

I remember wrapping presents when I was little, hidden in my room with sticky tape all over my fingers and over the floor. I also remember having to get up 100 times because I forgot the scissors or the tape or the paper. So I thought it would be a great idea to have all my wrapping tools in one place. Unfortuantely, I don't have enough space to dedicate a cupboard to wrapping utensils but I did have a leftover trash bin...

To be honest, this project is quite simple. The "tricky" part is probably making the pockets, but that's also a piece of cake once you've got the math down. So let me show you what I did...

First of all, I took an empty trash can I had lying around. I was lucky it was a pretty silver one. Basically, all I did was round up all my wrapping paper and adhesive paper in the bin. 

Now that I had all my wrapping paper in the same place (and not getting squished and creased behind a shelf somewhere) I decided to make some pockets for the bin, to put my ribbon, tags and sticky tape in. 

Here's the tricky part I mentioned. My bin measured 70cm at the top, so I cut a strip of fabric 10x70cm. I wanted 5 pockets, so I divided 70/5 = 14cm. I added 2 extra cm to each pocket for some depth. So I was left with one strip of 10x70 and another of 10x90cm. 

I measured the pockets and pinned around the base and the sides of each pocket. 

Next is was time for the sewing...

I tied the pockets around the top of the bin and sewed them in place through the mesh wire. 

Then, all I had to do was fill the pockets with my tags and ribbon. 

Even though I totally forgot to snap a picture of it, there's also a small hook on the side, right under the ends of the pocket-skirt, to hang gift bags (when I get them!). 

So there you have it!!

Now you have everything in one place, so your gift wrapping session will be so much easier!! 

Another plus about this project is that you need really little fabric, so you can probably use scraps. I'm actually thinking about making another plain coloured skirt for when it's not Christmas!

What did you think of this project? Are all your gifts wrapped and ready yet? 

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