Monday, December 16, 2013

Manila Tags

Happy Monday to all!!

So half my Christmas shopping is done and soon it will be time to wrap those prezzies up and make them pretty! I've been really crushing on some pretty awesome manila tags for my present wrapping but some of them seem really pricey. So I thought I'd make my own simple ones, not only for Christmas. 

I think I told you guys we went to Zaragoza this Summer. There was this great little shop with loads of items for crafts and wrapping and cute gift bags. I picked up a pack of bright manila tags while we were there. But there were only 15 in the packet, so I thought I'd make some more.  

To be honest these were really simple to make. I just gathered a few scraps of cardstock I had lying around, some scissors, a holepunch and some round stickers. 

First, I used one of the pre-bought manily tags and just drew around the outside to get the same size and shape. 

I carefully cut out the shape and I put a small round sticker on the top. 

We'll obviously need a hole to tie the tag with string. I used a single holepunch to make a hole in the center of the round sticker. 

In the picture below you can compare the store bought tags (left) with the ones I DIYed (right). Not much of a difference right? 

So then I thought, why not jazz it up? I had some spotted print cardstock from an old craft project and I used it to make another tag. I was so hyped with it I've decided I'm going to get more printed paper and make some more!! With snoflakes, maybe? 

What do you think of these? Are you going to try to make your own tags? Great part is you can use scraps of paper you already have around the house! Please share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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