Monday, December 2, 2013

New Christmas Notebook!

I have a thing for binders. I have a Household Binder. A Recipe Binder. A Manual Binder. I really should do a binder round-up post. That is actually quite a good blog post idea. Hold that thought while I jot in down...

Okay, so back to binders. Last Friday I shared my new December calendar with you and I mentioned it was for a new binder I'm putting together. Well, today I'm revealing that new binder....drumroll...A Christmas Notebook!!! (yes, okay, I called it a notebook, but it's a binder).

So let me explain.

Some time ago I was thinking about making some printables for Christmas that would help me plan things in advance and contribute to things running smoothly. I then thought, "Hey! What if I put all these printables into one binder?". Of course, I was so going to do that.

I picked up this 1-inch binder, in red of course since it's for Christmas and made a cover for the front.

download here

I then made a list of all the printables I was going to make for it, and others that I could include in the future. I may have mentioned in previous posts that I like my organizing systems to be able to grow with me. So, here's the list:

  • December calendar
  • Christmas To Do List
  • Christmas Card List
  • Address Pages
  • Gift List
  • Christmas Menu Plan
  • Christmas Budget Sheet
  • Inspiration pages (print your favourite Pinterest images, for example)
  • Future: Christmas colouring pages for kids, Santa's letter printable, list of family's favourites...

And I think that's it. 

Of course, all these printables will be available to you for FREE. Just pop over every now and then to see if there's anything new over on my Printables page. 

Ready to create a new binder with me? What do think of the idea?

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