Saturday, January 11, 2014

It's 2014!!

Hello, everybody!!! I'm baaaaaack!!

I know, I know, I should have been back about two weeks ago but you all know how it is: you get together with the family and between the kids and the dogs and the food...there's just no room for blogging! Okay, kinda kidding, but I did have a great time in Estepona with my family this year so I made the most of my 12 days there with them (ergo, no new posts).

So, it's January! (well, it's been January for nearly two weeks). It's a new year and with a new year come new goals and resolutions!! How are you doing with those by the way? Wanna hear mine?

  1. Keep in touch with far away friends and family more this year. 
  2. Work hard on my studies. 
  3. Try to keep fit (I repeat, TRY)
  4. Improve my relationship with God. 
  5. Blog at least once a week. 
  6. Visit Madrid. 
  7. Learn something new. 
I think that's alright for now, right? I'd love to hear your new goals for this year, if you'd like to share them in the comments =)

I think the two most frequent resolutions I hear at the start of a new year are "start going to the gym" and "get organized". Let me focus on this last one. 

Someone actually told me over the holidays that they thought being organized equals being boring. Obviously, my answer was No Way! Having things organized doesn't make you a boring person, on the contrary. If you know where everything is and have a meal plan to spend less time cooking, you'll have more time to spend doing things you love, whether it's reading a book, spending time with your family, going out, taking a trip...

The thing with organizing systems is that they constantly need to be changed, because your needs are constantly changing. Let me give you an example: say at the moment you live in your parents' house and you only have to worry about keeping your room tidy. what's the point of making a whole binder for one room? None. It's a waste of time. But say next year, you move out of your parents' house and start renting a flat. You'll need to keep track of bills, paying the rent, buying food, making meals, laundry, cleaning... Wouldn't you think it's a good idea to make a binder then? If you've read me before you know I'm talking about a Household Binder

Another thing about organizing is it isn't just a one week sort of thing. You can't just organize the kitchen today and expect it to stay like that for the rest of the year. You have to develop habits that ensure your systems succeed (for example, washing the plates before you go to bed at night). 

This year I'd like to help you achieve your organizing goals and share my own progress with you! So if you're looking for organizing and cleaning tips or even a few DIY projects (all on a low budget) you've come to the right place! 

I hope to see you around again! 

P.S. Stop by on Monday for a FREE January-Februrary-March 2014 Calendar

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