Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Anniversary Presents and Saving Space

Hey there you! It's been a while, right? Exams! You know how they are!

Last Saturday (or was is the one before that?), well, the 1st February, was our first year anniversary. So I racked my brain over and over to find a nice present on a budget. I first thought of some sort of Project Life scrapbook with all our photos, something I sort of made every year anyway. But then I looked at my shelf, with already two 1-inch binders and I thought "If this keeps going, by the time I'm 40 I'll need a whole room just for scrapbooks". And so I discovered the digital album! Now that's a good invention!

I first asked around my local photo shops for prices but they were all above 70 euros per album, and with only around 100 photos. I decided my best bet was to look on the Internet for offers. I found this great website (, they let you decide the layout, the amount of photos, the type of cover and up to 154 pages! I'm not going to say the exact price (my man kind of reads this and it was a present) but it was way cheaper than what the shops were asking. 

I settled on hard cover, 42 pages, over 200 photos and I chose this photo for the front cover. What do you think? And the great thing? It's less than 1cm wide!! Now that's a space-saver!

I started the album with this first page with the most important events of out first year together (yes, I tend to mix English with Spanish in whatever I'm doing). 

The layouts are great, you can chose from so many, even backgrounds and clip art. They have a great desktop application to design your album (or mug, or card, or poster or whatever you want). 

I was a little worried about the result but it turned out great. I'm so happy with it!! 

I'm already organizing out photos for another album next year =) 

How do you organize your yearly photos? Are you a fan of digital albums too? Please leave your comment below!!!

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