Monday, April 14, 2014

Food Storage and BPA

I only heard of BPA in plastic containers a couple of years ago. While it's an extended topic known to many in other parts of the world, for some reason in Spain, consumers don't seem to have a clue. There is no active information towards the customer or range of BPA-free products in stores. The only thing we know is that we shouldn't microwave our food in plastic containers.

BPA is a chemical that has been used to harden plastics for more than 40 years. It's in medical devices, compact discs, dental sealants, water bottles, the lining of canned foods and drinks, and many other products. Studies have shown BPA to be safe at low levels of human exposure. But based on other evidence in animal studies, there is some concern about the potential effects on the brain, behaviour and prostate glands, especially in young children. Read more here and here

For these reasons I switched my plastic tupperware to glass.

Even though I use glass containers for the fridge and for reheating food, I still prefer plastic ones for the freezer. I like to prepare food in advance when I know I'm going to have a busy week and freeze any leftovers. I'm still careful not to put hot or acidic food into them and I never reheat food while inside the plastic container: always put it on a plate!

Talking about freezer food storage, I use labels to indentify what's in them and when it was prepared. If you stuff your freezer with meals like me, this is an important step. Sure, you might remember today but in two weeks who knows if it's chicken or pork.

Though I did mention at the beginning of this post that there isn't a wide range of BPA-free products here in Spain, I recently came across some containers in Carrefour (for those living here too). They are reasonably more expensive than ordinary containers but I think it's probably worth it.

What's your opinion on BPA? Glass or plastic for food storage?

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