Monday, April 7, 2014

Next Steps

Now that my degree is coming to an end, I've finally decided what my next steps are going to be. I'd like to take an exam next February and try to get a spot for a Hospital Pharmacy program.That means that once I'm done, I'm going to really have to push myself and study a LOT. Probably more than I have so far. I know, it's gonna be tough and for some reason, it's got me thinking about moving.

The thing is I've been thinking of looking for a new place for a while, so I can study in peace and at my own rhythym, without having to worry about other people's schedules. Plus, I'm really looking forward to having a place of my own, even if it's only for a year. (Not to mention a whole new place to organize and decorate!).

Now I have a chance to make another to-do list and some upcoming posts so you guys can follow me on my journey:

  • Study expenses and savings and set a monthly budget
  • Search ads for places to rent
  • Pick 4-5 and weigh pros and cons of each area, and visit the apartments
  • Look at phone+Internet companies and compare fees
  • Call landlord to say I'm leaving
  • Make moving binder/dossier or similar
  • Pack 
  • Moving Day!!
I'm sure there's a lot more in there to do but I'll just talk about it along the way.

I'd love to hear your moving tips, especially if you're renting. Please share in the comments below!!

PS. I'm going to stop the bilingual posts for a while due to lack of time, but if anyone is interested in the translation of a particular post, just let me know! 
PD. Voy a dejar de traducir las entradas por un tiempo debido a falta de tiempo, pero si hay alguien interesado en que traduzca una entrada en particular, avisadme!

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