Thursday, July 24, 2014

Moving Tips

We recently moved from Granada to a smaller town on the outskirts, 18km away. Our new house is a three bedroom, two bathroom, patio, porch and garden kind of house. I'm used to sharing an apartment with three other roomates, so this is going to be quite a change. Plus, moving in with your partner is sort of considered a "big step". Wish us luck!!

Before the change of address, I started reading up on all these moving-related tips to keep this move stress-free. I was amazed at the amount of tips I could find around the blogosphere. And some will save you loads of trouble down the line. Here are some of my favourites!!

1. First things first. Make a moving binder-dossier. I didn't have many important documents for my move, since I was leaving a rented aparment and I do not own my future home, so I decided to keep all my move-related papers in a plastic folder for now. But if you have important documents you need to take, a list, an inventory, etc. I highly recommend creating a binder just for them.

2.  Start your packing early. Put away items you won't need until the move or rarely use. If you're moving in the Summer, you can pack some of your winter clothes as soon as spring kicks in.

3. Make an inventory. Keep a list of all the boxes you're packing and what you're putting in them. Write it down on paper or create an Excel file to print out later. Assign each box a number and keep it in your moving binder. Remember to take this list with you on the day of the move.

3. Colour-code your boxes by room and let everyone helping you what the colours mean. Put stickers on each box so your friends and family know where to put the boxes.

4. This next tip is quite curious, I never would have thought of it. When writing numbers on your boxes and sticking stickers, be sure to put one on the top of the box and another on the side. That way, no matter how to stack your boxes (vertical or spread out on the floor), you'll know the number and colour of each box.

5. When packing clothes and shoes in the same box (if you do this), put clothes in first and then set plastic bags on top and then place the shoes on top of these. That way they won't ruin your clothes and you can take them out the box first.

6. Go to your local supermarket, fruit store, etc and ask for empty cardboard boxes. These establishments throw tons of boxes away everyday and they won't mind giving them away. Don't buy any boxes until you've asked. This will save you a ton!

7. Pack a first day box. If you can, make it seethrough so you it stands out from the rest. Keep a change of clothes, sheets, towels, toiletries, etc for the whole family. You don't want to have to rummage through boxes at the end of such a long and tiring day.

8. If you're using a moving company, do your homework! Research different prices and double check what they include. The day of the move, make sure the movers know what they need to take, and what you'll be taking with you. (We didn't use a moving company since it wasn't too far away. It took just a few car trips to get the job done).

9. Keep screws and bolts from furniture in clear zip-lock bags and write the piece of furniture they belong to with a permanent marker. If you can, keep all these bags in the same box or taped to the item. Save you time later on.

10. Once you've moved: clean, paint, unpack, in that order. If you can visit the new place before the move, make sure it's ready and painted before moving in all the boxes. It's so much easier to change floors and paint walls without all the clutter in the way. If you can't visit the place, keep as much stuff in boxes until the room has been cleaned and painted.

11. And last but not least, if you feel you need furniture, don't rush out and buy the first thing you see. Live in your new home for a few weeks to "test it out" and choose a piece of furniture that will fit in your home and make your life easier (there's no point buying a console for the foyer in you have nowhere to put it).

I hope you found these tips helpful! I know we did!!

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