Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Adding A Little Art

Since all the walls had been painted (well, almost all the walls), the next step was to think about was hanging things up on them. You know, make it pretty.

We have a little tradition going on and whenever we go somewhere new, be it a country or a town, we stop by a souvenir shop and buy a postcard. We had a few stored away and I thought it would be a fun idea to put them in matching frames and hang them on the same wall. So that's what we did.

Before making holes all over the wall to get it right, we cut out pieces of paper the same size as the frames and played around with them on the wall until we were happy with the layout.

We should have used a different coloured paper, that stands out against the wall. Oh well, we'll do better next time! Maybe with this picture you'll see the layout better (this is what Picassa says this photo should look like): 

The next trick I used helps minimize the damage done to the wall and is a lot easier to fix if you make a mistake. Since the frames weren't very heavy I marked a hole in the top center of each piece of paper and used a small hammer to push a pin into the wall (careful not to bend the pin!!). 

These holes are a lot smaller than nails or hooks and will be a lot easier to fill in with a little paint. You'll be surprised how much weight these will hold! 

All that was left was to pull off the paper and hang up the frames. Tah-dah!!!

What do you think?? 

Have you been playing around with frames? Are you excited about back to school? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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