Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My New Best Friend

It's not like me to promote a certain product but this time I feel it's a duty. I've mentioned many times that the previous tenants had no intention to clean whatsoever. So when I saw the state of the cupboard above the hob, I was appalled to say the least. Don't believe me? Take a look yourself:

It was FULL of grease. Years worth of grease. And that stuff was not easy to clean off. It turns out my mum had sent me a bag of cleaning supplies when we first moved in, to help up with the process. In this bag she had sent me a bottle of Cif (used to be called Jif). I'd seen her use this a lot when I was growing up but hadn't really paid attention to the results.

After many failed attempts to clean the grease off, I thought I'd give this magical Cif a try (the bottle did say, gets rid of 100% dirt). And I was amazed. With little to no friction needed, those stains came off in a jiffy. Note: I did use quite a lot of water to rinse the cupboard afterwards.

Here's the door once it was done. You can definitely see the difference!

So while I may not promote products often, this bottle has now turned into my new best cleaning buddy!! If you have any tough stains at home I recommend you give it a shot!

Have you used this product before? Any opinions? Perhaps you have your own miracle cleaning mix? Please share in the comments below!!

Note: I have not been paid for this post and any opinions here are my own. 

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