Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Planner!!!!!

I've been looking for a 6-ring binder planner for a long time, and to be honest I had seen quite a few nice ones, but I always chickened out as soon as I saw the price tag. Fifty or more euros for a planner?? You have got to be kidding!!

Before the school year starts, I start browsing planners for the following year. However, this year, with my work experience keeping me busy this summer, it totally skipped my mind...until I finished my planner. I usually buy an academic-year planner, which goes from September one year to July/August the next, so naturally, mine was up before the end of August. I have to admit, I kind of started to panic. Me with no planner?!

After searching a few different websites, I decided to order from Collins Debden's online store (since they do ship overseas). I found this great teal planner, personal size for 24 pounds (32 euros) which wasn't bad considering most planners I had seen cost double or more.
After waiting two long's finally here!!!!!!!!!!!

It came with a week-to-view 2015 refill, card holder, personal reminder page, today ruler, 10 sheets notes pages, 10 sheets meetings pages (probably won't use these), 10 sheets finance pages, 10 sheets address, A-Z tabs and dividers. Pretty neat, ey? 

Of course, I've already started to personalize it. Check out the post-it's in the front pocket =P

As I said, my last planner only had pages until mid-August and my new planner has a 2015 refill (starting in January), so I made some quick and simple pages on Word that I'll be sharing in a future post very soon. 

With everything going digital these days, I wasn't sure if I'd need a telephone/address section, but now that I think of it, what if I lose my phone? Or it's out of battery? Sometimes it good to have it all on paper. So these tabs will come in handy!

I'm going to keep updating this planner; I'd like to add some monthly inserts, change the meetings section to "blog" and other whatnots that I'll be sharing with you here. 

I'm crazy in love with this planner but I'd like to know more about yours. What planner do you use? How do you keep it organized? What sections do you have? Do you buy or DIY your inserts? Please share in the comments below!!

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