Thursday, August 7, 2014

Window Treatments

Curtains make a huge difference when it comes to turning a house into a home. They make a room feel like a ROOM. Our living room was the first to get this awesome upgrade!

Since we'd painted everything white for the moment we decided to go for darker curtains. To be honest I was thinking along the lines of something beige or light brown but when I saw these brown babies, and for only 8€ each!!, I had to had them. And if they didn't suit the room I could always change them.

But there was no need to change anything because they were perfect. It's true they make the room a little smaller (because of the darker shade and all) but I like to think they also make the room cosier. What do you think?

Let's take a look at a before and after shot.

Nice difference, huh?

We also need some curtains in the study and the guest room. We have some light white curtains for the bedroom, nice and airy for the summer.

We need some curtains for the study, that FYI, hasn't been painted yet. Any thoughts on the subject?? Please share in the comments below!!

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