Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gotta Protect 'Em Chairs

Having a kitty is great, especially when she decides to curl up next to you on the sofa. But there's something not so great about kitty nails. You see cats tend to sharpen them on things they shouldn't such as our new dining chairs (please, Dad, if you're reading do not kill me).

So before further damaged was insued, I made two decisions: 1) kitty is not allowed in dining room/living room if we are not in there and 2) I'm going to have to cover those scratches now.

It was time to get creative and release the sewing machine in me (by hand, of course). We went to the Sunday market to buy 5 metres of beige sturdy fabric for all 6 chairs, after measuring of course. We needed about 2x1m per chair.

{my little helper, who's responsable for this whole project!}

After measuring and cutting each piece, I used sewing pins to hold the whole thing together. All I did was cut a rectangle of fabric and drape it over the chair, making sure it was properly covered. I then began to pin the back of the chair and the hem at the bottom. 

I found that sewing while watching TV is quite relaxing and doens't take very long once you put your mind to it (that said, I have still only finished one chair cover).

{you can barely see the stitching!!}

Hopefully, it won't be long until all chairs are covered!!

How do you protect your furniture from pet paws? Please share your experience in the comments below!!

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