Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Lately, I've noticed that my weeks just fly by and my weekends are basically non-existent. I don't know what it is about this year that is making it so short!! Maybe it's this new stage of life, having a job and having a home to look after that is speeding things up.

To be honest, sometimes it can all get a bit overwhelming. Some days I get up at 7am, go to work, get off work at about 3pm, have lunch with colleagues, have a meeting/course from 4-9pm, get home at 10pm, take off makeup and clothes, shower, change into PJs, snack (or not), and go to bed by 11-ish.

I'm supposed to be making time to study for this important exam again this year and the house doesn't clean itself. Tomorrow's food needs to be made. But when? Luckily, I have a great boyfriend who does help out a great deal and usually does his fair share of work around the house, but even still, with my OCD high standards,I always feel it's not finished.

It got me thinking about breaks again. I've written about this subject quite a few times on this blog because it's something I tend to need quite a lot of. I push myself to breaking point and always forget that sometimes all I need is to stop and breathe. "I can't do it all", I tell myself. I need time for me.

I'm determined to stop stressing so much this year. Most of the time it's my own fault, I just don't know how to say no. If someone needs a hand, Sam is available. Someone needs a database for next week at work, Sam can do it. However, Sam is now realizing she can't. I need to find time to unwind. Time to spend with loved ones. Just time.

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