Friday, March 11, 2016

Let's Give This Another Try

Hello, you!!!!

I know, I know. It's been aaaaaaages. It's been almost a year, actually. With starting a new job and becoming an adult, there's been little time to blog. To be honest, I wasn't really feeling that motivated to write either. I felt I had nothing interesting to share. My salary just about covered the bills, so I had no money for projects. But now I feel like giving this another try...

It feels strange, and somewhat awkward, to be sitting here behind the keyboard, typing away. I'm trying to remember how I used to carefully plan by blog posts every week, with a calendar and some sticky notes. It was fun constantly coming up with new content to share with the world wide web.

Now I feel I'm entering a new stage in my life and I'd like to pick up my blog where I left off. Adri and I have been talking about "adult topics" like buying a new car and looking for our new home. I actually have some very exciting news that I'll be sharing with you very shortly in a future post.

This quick post is just my way of letting you know I'm back! I don't know how often I'll be posting yet, or if it will be anything particularly interesting, but I'd like to think I can go back to my Auber-organized posting schedule.

I hope you'll give me a second chance!


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