Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Get Back On the Organizing Horse

On the 11th March of this year I announced I would be returning to blogging. Well, that hasn't exactly gone to plan seeing as I haven't posted anything. I've been taking some time to sit back and decide which direction I want the blog to go. For me, sitting down and deciding to get back into the blogging mood, after more that a year without doing anything blog-related, was a tough decision on it's own, never mind trying to come up with more content.

So far I've only come to one conclusion: I want to start fresh, with a clean slate.

At some point over the last couple of years I fell off the metaphorical organizing wagon. I look back to a time when I used my household binder regularly, made monthly meal plans and filled in budget trackers religiously. I color-coded my daily planner and had a healthy (I assume) love affair with Pinterest. Now I look to where I am today, with piles of receipts and bills and random papers sitting on my desk (and at the bottom of my handbag), a half empty fridge and no meal plan, and a budget that runs out before the month is over.

The picture is quite unnerving.

So, I'm guessing one of the best ways to get back into blogging is by getting back into organizing and sharing the process on here with you guys. I'll have to go through all the paper clutter and put my systems back into place. I'll have to revise my meal planning strategy and elaborate some sort of cleaning routine. I'll have to go through our home room by room and make sure everything has a place and create a system for those things that don't. I'll have to clean out my wardrobe and have a major decluttering session.

I have a few posts already up on these topics, so I've decided to repost them with the tweaks I may have made (and hopefully, better photos).

And to prove I'm serious, here's my new blog planner for my...third? time blogging!!!

So, without further ado, I'm going to let my wheels start turning and come up with some great projects to share! 

Have you ever fallen off the organizing wagon?


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