Thursday, August 18, 2016

In Process: The Living Room

I know first hand how frustrating it is to live in someone else's house. A place you can't paint or decorate as you wish. You have to make do with the limitations the owner's gives you. However, we're now lucky enough to live in a house who's owner has given us permission to make our own: my mother-in-law. 

That being said, it's not only a matter of permission. You have to have the money to decorate it too. Most of the renovations this house needs are too expensive for us to take on at the moment (reinstalling electrical cables, plumbing, floor), but we can still make a few tweaks here and there. 

Last Summer we decided to start trying to turn our house into a home by redecorating the living room. 

This is what we started with:

We drew up the following preliminary plan....

...that we didn't follow through with.

Even though we first thought about sanding the old pieces of furniture and giving them a new coat of paint, the pieces weren’t in good condition and I was lacking in the “time” department. Though I’d love a DIY job any day I just don’t seem to have the time, so we opted for new furniture. We browsed quite a few shops and finally made a wish list. Here are two of the things on there:

The idea is to get a console like this one for below the TV (which is currently hanging on the wall)

{via Conforama - 239 euros}

We'd love a sofa like this one, probably in beige or light brown, but it's a mayor purchase so we'll have to wait a while for this one.
{via Conforama - 599 euros}

So far, this is the progress we've made:

Want a side by side before and after shot?? Wait for it...

In my opinion, we've come a long way from the red sofa and black console we started with. We still need to find a nice lamp for the end table, oh yes, and an end table.

So, what's left? Well, this is our living room to do list (my plan is to cross things out as we complete them):

  • Buy a new lamp for end/corner table
  • Replace old end/corner table
  • Change windows to ones that actually close, with new blinds
  • Insert iron fireplace with glass door (I have an upcoming post about our chimney makever coming soon!)
  • Buy new light fixture (at the moment we have a black fan with a bulb that doesn't work)
  • Buy more cushions!!
  • Replace old LACK coffee table (we'll probably get something similar, in white, but this will be one of the later adjustments)
  • New sofa!!! (with blankets to avoid cat hair)
I think that's it for now. In the faraway future we'd also love to change the floor and doors but we don't know if we'll even be here, so we're keeping it off the list for now. 

I'd love to hear what you think and if you have any suggestions. Please share in the comments below!!


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